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“Sahil Chawla has the kind of voice that is engaging and easy on the ears. His songs are memorable and powerful. His single “Lullaby” gets in your head and makes you want to hear it again.” – Chris Steinmetz, multi-platinum winning engineer & producer

“Chawla’s bringing the ROCK back to Pop Rock. His brilliant voice and energetic arrangements herald back to a time of guitar slinging cowboy hit makers!” – Tyler Kemmerling

“It’s nice, it’s pop, and it’s catchy. You’ll be humming his tunes without even noticing!” – Mariana Segura

Chawla is a young, passionate singer-songwriter with music simply pouring out of him. Born in Rockford, Illinois, and with Indian heritage, he shows a new multi-cultural side very uncommon for typical Pop/Rock acts. If you’re into The Vamps, OneRepublic, or 5 Seconds of Summer, you need Chawla in your daily life!

He incorporates his lyrics in a melodically driven sound that showcases harmonies as much as crazy guitar solos! It’s the perfect amount of pop and catchy, with a real full live band rocking out in the back.

For a limited time, Chawla is offering his first single for FREE! Just enter your name and email address in the right hand side of this site and you’ll receive the download link.

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